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Takeout Doubler’s Cue Bid after Minor Suit Advance

This is my third post about takeout doubler’s cue bid.  I thank the providers of the many useful comments on the first two.

The /doublers-cue-bid/ article is about the cue bid after a simple response in a major suit. /cue-bid-after-jump-advance-to-takeout-double/ is a poll about the meaning of the cue bid, after a jump response in a major suit. The prominent style for both cases: serious game interest with exactly 3-card support for responder’s major suit. Some permit an exception with a hand, too strong to jump to game, containing longer support. No commenter offered the possibility of doubler having two strong unbid suits.

The situation below arose at a pairs game at the just-concluded Nashua NH Regional (Sat 2:15). This time, partner advances a minor suit, but playing in a major might still be correct.

          –    K Q 9 7 4    A K 10 3    A K 9 7

South’s 1 opening was passed around to me (East), and I doubled. Partner advanced 2, back to me.

Board 35, Dealer South, Both Vul. 

S     W     N     E

1    P      P     X

P     2    P     ?

What would your plan be as East?

(a) 2
(b) 2, rebid 3
(c) 3
(d) Other
(e) 3 (splinter)
(f) 4
(g) 4 (exclusion)

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