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Takeout or Brown Stickers?

The takeout double is commonly used nowadays, and the conventions are improved day by day.

Some people start to use 1/1/1N as T/O. For example, (1)-1!=T/O to . (1)-1!=T/O to . (1M)-1N!=T/O to M. Such conventions are like those above.

But it makes me confused that "An overcall of a natural opening bid of one of a suit that does not promise at least four cards in a known suit." according to WBF System Policy 2.4 Brown Sticker Conventions and Treatments. 1, 1, or 1N is an overcall, and they should promise at least 4+cards known suit, but as T/O, they just promise 3+ cards in unbid suits. So the convention, that 1/1/1N is used as T/O, should be classified as Brown Stickers.

However, call is defined as "Any bid, double, redouble or pass." by 2017 WBF Law, and overcall is one kind of calls. These nouns make me very confused. Is it a kind of brown stickers that any 1-level suit overcall against natural opening when it is set as T/O? Or is it allowed to use the convention that any 1-level suit overcall against natural opening which is set as T/O?

Please tell me which one is correct? Or I misunderstand something. Please let me know.

Thanks for help and solving the problems.

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