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Team League Structure in ACBL

Reading reports from some of our EBU members, I gather that County Leagues are popular there.

I wondered if I could transfer that to an ACBL club where I work/direct. I did a little web research on how the County Leagues work, even found a set of rules for one near London (which were amazingly helpful). I polled my player pool and there is a surprising level of interest. Whether it holds up or not, remains to be seen.

Here are my basic ideas:

Hold the matches on a fixed schedule at a fixed location (the club) (I note that the County League whose rules I looked at left it to the teams themselves to organize their matches.) Make it a not every week occurrence to avoid player fatigue. Every other week for 2 months (4 sessions) to start with.  Allow additional team members or substitutes in case people have conflicts. Nevertheless, require that each team commit to those 4 sessions (financially primarily).

I thought that the first three events could be short (6-8 board) match round robin affairs and the final week could be long match playoff for the title. This first effort would be called the "<<XYZ>> Bridge Club Winter Team League." 

I may or may not allow drop-ins, but drop-ins would not be elgible for the playoffs or title. If there is interest, I may hold a side swiss on playoff night. I may or may not hold more informal team games in the off weeks. What are the plusses and minuses here?

I had hoped to get interest from at least 4 open bracket teams and 4 handicap bracket teams. There is serious enthusiasm (5-6 teams already) in the handicap bracket and at least 4 open bracket teams that are serious committed.

How can I improve on this? Is there anything about the scoring/sanction/masterpoint awards that I should know? Does it sound like a fun event? Any other feedback appreciated.

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