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Team match etiquette

Another thread on shuffling procedures for team match ( made me curious to seek opinions on this question:

At a tournament, you are entering a new team event (Swiss, KO, Compact, not BAM) that involves shuffling boards (no pre-duplicated boards). The start time of the event is 10am. You buy your entry at 9:40, look up your home table and together with your three teammates you go to that table and sit down.

During this time, you can discuss team strategy, the state of the weather or last night's football game, whatever you fancy. At some point, your E/W pair will exchange places with the E/W pair of the other team and shuffling, followed by play, will commence.

At what time is it appropriate to exchange places, possibly interrupting the conversation at the other table? Assume for the sake of argument that this is a 7-board Swiss event, so that there will be either three or four boards on your table to get started.

When the director calls "shuffle and play"
Earlier than 9:50 (or some other time)

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