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Teams per bracket in Round Robin?

Lacking detailed knowledge of bridge organization I am asking about guidelines for determining number of teams in each bracket of Round Robin team events.  Recently my team, all non-expert A players (total about 16000 MPs) entered a RR event and were put into Bracket 1 which contained only 6 teams, which mandated overall awards for only first and second places.  The other four brackets each contained 8 teams with overalls for first three places.   As it turned out we went 1 of 4 against the two winning teams, each consisting of three pros (Berkowitz-Sontag-Wooldridge-+were second) and 5 of 6 against the other three teams.   Is the “arbitrary” assignment of a lesser number of teams to bracket one, and hence elimination of a third overall placement equitable?  I expressed concern to the tournament organizer who acknowledged that this has been “ an ongoing problem” and would be brought up in the next organizational meeting.

Didn’t seem equitable at the time but I honestly don’t know the answer.  Now don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed butting heads with Berkowitz-Sontag.  I’ve known Sontag about forever and discussed safety plays over  beers with him in hotel the prior evening.   And even learned something when Alan Sontag said “Great play David” as Berkowitz pulled off a rare safety play (playing a suit unusually to protect against a 4-0 break in a different suit).  It was certainly the right play for the right reason and any other play would be an error, but no one on my team would find it.   Even Their teammate Joel Wooldridge was impressed!  And we achieved some satisfaction by defeating handily the 3 non pro teams, but I express concern over the actual arrangements allowing overalls in this unbalanced fashion.  Can someone shed light on this issue?

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