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Tech committee follow-up

Two follow-ups to the tech committee meeting:

1) ACBLScore+

The committee said they are actively looking into what parts of ACBLscore+ can be re-used. Is the committee doing this? It strikes me that we'd have heard from Nic if this was being done because - notwithstanding all the scapegoating - NH knows more about ACBLscore+ AND the business requirements for ACBLScore's replacement than anyone else PLUSACBLScore+ clearly does alot more than what Horn Lake, the BoDand even the tech committee thought.

My fear is that the powers-that-be aren't serious about re-using ACBLscore+ code and hope that some talking points about re-use will substitute for an earnest effort to salvage some important work (and the major dollars invested therein).

Also, the committee promised a follow-up on the real cost of the prototype since other items were lumped into the reported $150K. FWIW the prototype still sounds like a misguided idea to me.

2) ACBL Live

The third NABCof ACBL Live shows that critical problems persist. At the meeting, Jay W. spoke - and the committee agreed - that the ACBL is moving to a model where outsiders can have access to the data to improve the system. Since Jay himself has a proven superior product, it seems obvious that results is a fantastic place to start this process. Is the committee aware of the problems with ACBL Live and are they pushing for the community-enabled process they promised two weeks ago?

At the meeting I questioned whether the powers-that-be are taking the $1.9M write-off seriously. It would be nice to see concrete evidence they are.

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