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Technological complexity of tournaments

Our unit just ran an IN tournament. We tend to use local (club) directors for these. The BridgeMate setup was shared with an open game in the next room. This caused problems. Later, we had problems getting final scores out for the Swiss game, and we were unable to load results to ACBL or ACBLLive or BridgeResults.

We're coping with that, but it started me thinking. In our sectionals, we rely on one particular director who knows how all the technology works. He sets up the games, sets up the results files, makes sure that the upload files are correct, etc. etc. When he's not our DIC, we have problems with uploads. This director has health issues and sometimes we have to get a substitute at the last minute. There's a reasonable chance that he'll be retiring soon. 

So ... it just occurred to me that perhaps we need a new position: Tournament Technology Specialist. This could be a paid position, or a board position. Sits with the directors and handles all of the computer and network stuff. Doesn't take any director calls from the floor, so doesn't need to know how to handle revokes, etc.

I understand that the ACBL is expanding/upgrading its director training. But is that on the technology front as well as the bridge front? And should tournament directors be expected to handle all of the file formats, networking, software upgrades, and other technology issues that aren't directly related to the game?

I also understand that the technology may become more user-friendly in the future, but that's not here now.

In sum: We need to ensure that, for our tournaments, somebody knows how to handle the technology. Right now, we can't guarantee that. How have other units solved this problem?

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