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Terrible Tempo

Needless to say, the hand with the thoughtful tempo at trick one that decided the Platinum Pairs was of great interest to us.

Yet, I am confounded by another aspect of tempo. I must admit that it absolutely shocks me how many people playing in national unrestricted events seem to not comprehend the very simple rule that you are supposed to bid IN TEMPO. And that in particular, you are supposed to have a moderate pause prior to bidding over a preempt.

Recently, I preempted in 1st chair and my LHO passed almost before my bid was on the table. I couldn't help myself; I looked at LHO - and - she seemed to be clueless as to why I was perturbed.

This player was not the only to exhibit this behavior. Anyone have a clue why this is so tough for more than a few? Anyone; anyone?

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