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Test Your Partnership Agreement

In cleaning out my files, I ran across this doozy I observed a few years ago at a GNT national.

Both NV, you hold 9865-A98-J1053-75 and after partner's strong 2C in first chair:



                                        2H (showing two controls)




Your call?




At the table, after considerable thought,  responder passed.  Dutifully, a diamond was led.  Quickly, down four. (Words did follow.)

Declarer's RHO held: Void-Q653-AKQ762-986.

Declarer held: AKQJ732-7-Void-KQJ32.

How might it have all worked out for your partnership or if 2H or 4NT were presumably something else?


TRIVIA question if you want to bother:

Contestants were Kit and Sally Woolsey vs. Steve Robinson and Peter Boyd: who set where?










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