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Thank you BW.

After a FRI, SAT, SUN haul of 22 or so of the highly coveted ACBL Gold MasterPoints in the Orange Co Regional <insert sarcasm tag>, and playing with the most pleasant partner ever, Yu Hasin-Brumshten <no sarcasm tag>, I want to acknowledge BW for the part it played in this partnership.  (Search for the thread "Why is it so hard to find a partner?") 

Both Yu and I feel that extracting the maximum out of partner is bigger part of bridge than executing a guard squeeze without the count. And we are certainly pulling for each other in all our individual bridge endeavours pretty much always, but especially when we are partners with each other.

The best thing about playing bridge with Yu is that it's fun. Of course, being the kind of person I am, I'm not sure how much fun it would be if we weren't winning. So yes, the winning is great too.

We came so close, so ridiculously close by such stupid errors, to being Champions of an Open Regional Event on Saturday in the Open Strat Pairs that I am certain it will happen very soon. We struggled more in our two Team Game efforts, but we aren't the kind of partners that turn on each other. So we had fun even when the teams results weren't as strong as we would have liked.

Thank you again BW and even Fantoni  Nunes, who, coupled with Google, drove me over here for information on the big scandal. 

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