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Thank you Zia!

Up until today I've published two posts on BW. Both negative, concerning BŻ. But now I have a pleasure to change that and write something incredibly positive.

Few weeks ago, by complete accident (health problems of David Gold), my faith (that is, Grzegorz Narkiewicz) connected me with Zia, with whom I played Palace Cup tournament in Warsaw. We played semi-final in which our opponents turned out to be much better players that evening, but this story won't be about that. After the first round Zia communicated to me that someone told him that I am the one who gave up a medal won with BŻ. He hugged and kissed me and was telling me how incredible was what I did. It was great distinction to play with the legendary Zia, but even greater one was when he told me it was distinction for him to play with me. It was incredibly wholesome. We talked about family (my 12yo son was sitting next to us thorough the tournament) and how I stopped playing bridge 2 years ago. For me bridge is half emotion and sport ambitions, and half the community and friendships around it. The BŻ scandal destroyed that second, very important part, because many people involved directly or indirectly in the BŻ case made attempts to defend them and were attacking me directly, and others (after the videos) didn't say a word or didn't gave up their medals (only 4 peoples declared to gave them up, and there are 50s people with such medals, or even more). But I didn't want to write about me, sorry.

Few days later Zia wrote me an email. Here is a fragment:


In the next few days, I would like to send you a small gift as an appreciation .

It is a medal I won at the Bermuda Bowl in Brazil a few years ago .

It would make me happy if one day you gave this to your son so he will always appreciate the reason that his father gave away his own medal ...because he valued honour above rewards.

When he looks at this medal in the years to come he will understand it was given to him because of the high respect his father is held with by his fellow bridge players.


Today a package arrived, and inside was BERMUDA BOWL GOLD MEDAL, which Zia won in Sao Paulo in 2009.

Incredible person and amazing gesture. And I just feel very wholesome and this is a beautiful lesson for my sons, who I try to teach honesty and fairness in life.

Thank you Zia!

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