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Thanks for supporting WYTC Juniors in Vegas

I am NPC of one of the five USBF Junior teams going to Istanbul, Turkey this month (August 13-23) for the World Youth Teams Championships.  I am also on the USBF Junior Committee, and I am a co-organizer, with Barry Goren of the USBF Online Junior Training Program.  I stress that I am speaking here, not with any of those ‘hats’, but as an individual.  If I say anything untoward, it should be ‘on me’ and not on the USBF.

I wish to thank the ACBL for helping our Istanbul-bound juniors at the recent Summer Nationals.  The following requests were accommodated:

1)      Free entries for juniors playing with their Istanbul-bound partners

2)      Moving the juniors to higher brackets in Bracketed KO’s (so they could get better competition)

3)      Providing pre-duplicated boards and hand records in several cases where they would not normally exist.

Thanks to the ACBL Board, and the Directors at the event, for whatever part they played in making this happen.  Also thanks to Jan Martel.

While I don’t like to single anybody out to the exclusion of others, I want to give a special shout out to Jay Bates.  Jay was the Director-in-Charge of the USBF Junior Championships (the ‘Junior Trials”) that were held over New Year’s in Atlanta.  And I know he worked hard to help us get hand records for the Juniors in Vegas.  He is a pleasure to work with, and his efforts are greatly appreciated.

I apologize to the players, and to the Directing Staff, for any disruptions caused by these accommodations.  I believe the efforts made were a boon to our juniors, and hope that everyone feels this is a good thing.

I also wish to thank the experts who were willing, during the Nationals, to volunteer their time and expertise by reviewing hands played by the juniors (in alphabetical order): Jeff Aker, Kevin Bathurst, David Berkowitz, Huub Bertens, Bart Bramley, Dave Caprera, Steve Garner, Robb Gordon, Barry Goren, Michael Kamil, Karen  McCallum, John Mohan, Jim Munday, Brian Platnick, Barry Rigal, Jeff Roman, Debbie Rosenberg, Howie Weinstein, Eddie Wold, Joel Wooldridge, and Kit Woolsey.

I apologize to anyone I left off the above list.    

        *             *             *             *             *             *

After the Nationals, many of the juniors in Vegas stayed for three days of Training.  I wish to thank the experts who volunteered to help with this; Dave Caprera, Tom Carmichael, Curtis Cheek, Josh Donn, Barry Goren, John Kranyak, Roger Lee, Karen McCallum, Debbie Rosenberg, and Ron Smith. 

I also thank Jane Rubin, who allowed us, free of charge, the use of her bridge club – Las Vegas Bridge World on all three evenings of the training (including providing pre-duplicated boards and hand records).  This was a great boon to us.

I also wish to thank those who opened their houses for us to congregate (and provided great food!); Fred Gitelman and Sheri Winestock (Monday) and Josh Donn and Ron Smith (Wednesday).

I want to thank Joe Stokes, who did his usual impeccable organizational job.  Without him, the Junior program would run far less smoothly.

Finally, I want to thank the many people who generously donated funds, without which these events (especially the Junior Trials and Post-Nationals Training) could not have occurred.                                

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