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That 4D-5C hand again

I would offer this as a bidding problem. But there are several nested options which leads me to create a multi-option poll.

The hand in question is not only unbalanced wit 4D&5C but has some extra values, which makes it a marginal reverse for some.  It also might be a candidate for a 1NT opening, specifically A94 A763 KJ852.   Some top experts eschew 1NT with stiff Aces and utilize only with stiff Ks or Qs.

Playing Std. Amer. 2/1GF with 1NT=15-17, as dealer please choose from the following strategies:

Open 1NT
Open 1C and rebid 2D over either 1H or 1S
Open 1C and rebid 2D over 1H but other over 1S (specify)
Open 1D and rebid 2C over 1H or 1S
Open 1D and raise hearts or rebid 2C over 1S
Other (please specify)

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