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The 2-to-the-16th Combinations of High Cards

I've created two files, one in spreadsheet format and one in tab-delimited text format, that list every combination of the 16 high cards, one combination per row. The 1st column of each row indicates the HCP, the 2nd column indicates the number of high cards, and the 3rd through 18th columns indicate the presence or absence (denoted by "0") of each column's high card: A, K,...,J. For completeness, I retained the rows with 14, 15, or 16 high cards even though I wasn't sure how useful they would be. I omitted column headers because I've often forgotten to exclude them when sorting and because the data seemed self-explanatory.

Here are links to both formats. (about 5 MB) (about 3 MB)

I had created for personal use a similar but less elaborate version of this list and realized that generalizing it to the whole schmeer would be pretty straightforward and might be of broader interest.

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