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The 3NT Opening

A partner and I have been refining our Namyats agreements (an opening of 4C/4D establishing a major suit as trump).

This leads to what might be best for us with regard to an opening 3NT.

Obviously options, but the ACBL legality of some appear to be unclear.

Below is a link to a 2013 Bridge Winners article of interest. Please note Phil Clayton's comment in particular.

Separately, below, is a paste of a Larry Cohen view. Note his twist on Kantar 3NT -- I'm not clear on the convention chart status of either the Kantar 3NT or as amended by Cohen.

(Regrettably, it seems that legality is sometimes who you are.)

Time has passed since we last exchanged views on Bridge Winners. Any fresh insights?

To repeat, here is the paste from the Cohen article:

"This leaves several options for opening 3NT. One is to play it as a solid major (Kantar 3NT). Another is to play it as a 4-of-a-minor preempt (this works well in conjunction with NAMYATS--an option/upgrade to LC Standard).

Lastly, is what I recommend: GAMBLING. All that is promised is a long running suit (typically a minor, but it could be a major in 3rd- or 4th- seat). "Long and running" means at least AKQxxxx (yes, seven of them). In 1st and 2nd position, do not have any outside aces or kings. In 3rd or 4th position, anything goes (partner is supposed to pass your 3rd- or 4th- seat Gambling 3NT). Over a 1st- or 2nd- seat Gambling 3NT (no outside aces/kings), the responder will often remove to 4? or 5? to say: pass if you have clubs, convert to diamonds is you have diamonds.There are some fancy methods available after a Gambling 3NT, but I don't recommend memorizing them for the one time a year you'll use them."

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