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The ACBL Recorder System

For some time the ACBL has had a national recorder. That person was generally a recognized expert player. I remember te position being held by Bobby Wolff, Bob Rosen and Richard Colker. I don't know if there were others.

At some point it was decided (I don't know by whom) that for cost savings or some other reason, the Recorder should be a full-time ACBL employee, generally a staff person who also had other duties. The current recorder is Jim Miller, a great guy and an excellent employee from what I know, but certainly not somebody with the bridge "gravitas" of those I mentioned.

While I have no clear idea of what happened in the Passell case, I am quite sure the Ethical Oversight case must have been brought by the National Recorder's office. Supposing hypothetically that for all intents and purposes the sequence of events is exactly as Michael described, what do BW readers think the likelihood of this case coming before Ethical Oversight would have been had one of the three gentlemen I named or somebody in their peer group would have been?

I raise this question for several reasons, among which are that we need a Recorder who is a recognized bridge expert, and for those who think the world will be better if we just turn appeals work over to TDs, this should be an object lesson.

Just to be completely clear, we DON'T know all the facts of this case, and Jim may have done superb work on this. I certainly have nothing but respect fo him. But hypothetically...


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