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The Alan Truscott Award

I am not sure if I missed mentioning of this in some other thread but, in any case, MANY Bridge Winners Members should feel good about this:

2015 IBPA Awards

Alan Truscott Memorial Award

The Investigators

"The Alan Truscott Award is presented periodically to an individual or organisation that, in theopinion of the IBPA Executive, has done something in the world of bridge that Alan would have approved of and appreciated. Alan was an IBPA Executive member, serving as its president from 1981 to 1985 and was the long-time bridge editor of the New York Times. Alan was also a fine player: before leaving Great Britain for the United States, Alan represented Great Britain internationally, earning a first and second in the European Team Championships and a third in the Bermuda Bowl. Before such things were forbidden, he served as the NPC for both Bermuda and Brazil in World Championships.

With all the allegations flying around, we have no doubt that Alan would have appreciated the work done unpaid by bridge players of a wide range of ability in assisting the investigations. These people are far too many to name individually so we are simply calling them “The Investigators”. We puzzled over who should receive the Award. Some of this work might help a prosecution, some a defence. But what Truscott would surely have wanted in Buenos Aires are videos with clear pictures of whatwas happening at the table. Without that, many are still in doubt fifty years later about the findings. Let us hope that today’s videos will allow the accuracy of any theory to be tested with confidence. And so Traian Chira, who initiated the videos, receives the 2015 Alan Truscott Memorial Award on behalf of The Investigators."

From the announcement of the IBPA Awards

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