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As promised in the post "The Best Bridge Writer" it's your chance to vote.  it seems to me that at times the discussion veered off into "The Best Bridge Book" (another day another poll?). From the discussion it seems to me that the authors listed below are the ones with most claim to the title. I believe (capricious, moi?) that the titlewinnerr should have to have a corpus of work rather than a single noteworthy book. But contradicting myself (capricious, moi?) I have included Geza Ottlik because so many comments lauded him. - I accept that I only know of "Adventures" and there may be more in Hungarian but nobody mentioned any thing else. but excluded the likes of Harrison-Grey and Watson. One surprise was the absence of mentions for some very prolific and excellent writers such as  Charles Goren and Ron Klinger.. So here's the (not very short) list.

David Bird
Eric Jannersten
Eddie Kantar
Edgar Kaplan
Hugh Kelsey
Mike Lawrence
Victor Mollo
Geza Ottlik
Terence Reese
Eric Rodwell
Jeff Rubens
Frank Stewart
Kit Woolsey

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