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The Big Wildavsky

After all these mischiefs with the Vanderbilt 2013 and Wagar 2014 Appeal Committees which somehow triggered MY "probation" period (ended right now), I felt urge to write an article named "The Big Wildavsky", based around the words one great man once said – "Don't ask me about a man, ask me about his work".

Unfortunately, the moderator in charge, the distinguished Mr. Hung, threatens me with a lifetime "probation period" if I dare to publish such a brilliant piece.

That's why I'm confused now. I've never been a part of an environment which disrespects fundamental individual freedoms in such a degree.

What should I do at this point?

Be a man, "probate" yourself for eternity – what a relief!!!
Be quiet, create only bidding & lead problems and don't comment anything
Apologize to Mr. Wildavsky and announce he is the best NAC chairman US ever had
Respect the proper order and apologize to Sabine, to begin with
Ask Mrs. Sprung what the proper course of action is
Ask Mr. Wooldridge what the proper course of action is
Publish only the part where you eulogize Mr. Michael Huston
Give it a try with the opposite article – "The Small Wildavsky"
Try to laud the omnipresent Mr. Wildavsky some other way
Publish it anyway, you won't probably be "probated" for eternity, maybe a bit less
That's easy, ask The Big Wildavsky what should you do, he knows best
Send a bouquet of flowers to Avon Wilsmore

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