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The Club's Coffee-Housing

I'm wondering if my readers have experienced the same problem I have with something I deem unethical.



Here, as South, you have to guess who has the Q. Your opponents are decent enough players to recognize situations where declarer is guessing who has a certain honor.


This is a very common situation. Most of the times, I'll run the J and see if my table feel tells me anything. And I swear, my opponent always does what I call the subtle-but-not-that-subtle-that-I-won't-notice-but-not-obvious-enough-that-I-would-accuse-them-of-coffee-housing coffee housing. They would do the ever slight scrunching up of eyebrows, the ever slight hesitation, and/or the ever slight exhale/ blowing of a stream of breath. And the people who do this NEVER have the honor. And I'm just like, for real?


Is this just me noticing this, or do other people notice this, and if so, do you think these people are doing it on purpose to mislead declarer?

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