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This is a bit of a soppy article, but I'll post it anyway.

I started playing bridge at university. Our University team won the Portland Bowl which is the English event for university teams. Team-mates were Daron Acemoglu (currently a star professor of Economics at MIT and boy is he a loss to the game) Heather Dunstan (now Dhondy who has won just about everything everywhere and is a complete star and one of the nicest people in bridge) Harry Anoyrkatis(who was a leading junior, but left the game for professional and family responsibilities) and me. I was the weakest link BTW, they had to tell me what to open with 26 points ("Right 2, I've got it. Then what?"). Winning the Portland Bowl was something of a surprise, against the Cambridge teams full of junior internationals but I managed to follow suit for an entire weekend, and not let the others down too badly, so we managed it.

Roll on twenty five years and I bump into Harry again. He's in London taking his boys to the Easter Guardian u-25 pairs, and I'm there taking the Hobbit to the same event. How lovely is that?

It occurs to me that bridge is a family. Over the years, I have eaten with lots of bridge players, drunk with lots of bridge players, laughed with lots of bridge players, argued with lots of bridge players sometimes grievously but always prepared to kiss and make up. You're never at a loss for common ground. Any opening to a conversation starts with "You hold ..."

I cannot count the number of people who have supported the Hobbit in his endeavours. Virtual strangers come up to me and ask ^How's Daniel?". Or, "There's a squad weekend, does Dan need a bed in London?" The support of the EBU squad system is incredible, and the mentors who give their time up for free need some recognition. Here's looking at you Sarah O'Connor, Michael Byrne and Alan Shillitoe.

Now I've proclaimed that the entire BridgeWinners Community are all officially members of the family, you have to invite us for dinner. I think that's how it works.

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