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The Future of Bridge?

I received my Western Conference Contract Bridge Forum in the mail today (I'm in D22 - Southern California). I look forward to John Swanson's Master Solver's Panel and reading the tournament reports, before it ends up in the recycling bin. 

I generally do not read the article entitled "District Direction" by our National Rep, Ken Monzingo, but I had a little extra time on my hands this evening. I will repeat one portion of his column, but I would encourage you to sit down before you read this: 

"Look around you. Our bridge society in 2014 is filled with so many exciting tournaments with challenging events never available "in the past". We're stratified, bracketed and segmented to allow all players of all levels to move up the Master ladders competing just within groups of their peers. Whats wrong with that? Nothing. It is what it is, and its working quite well. Masterpoints are our product, and the customer always loves a bargain (emphasis added)". 

What's wrong with that? Everything! Since when did the game we all cherish and love become nothing more than an attendance contest to be played only against one's peers?  

Maybe its more of a reflection of society that we feel the need to reward mediocrity, but my vision of bridge is much more different than this. 

What say you? 

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