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The Game of Points

The Game of Points is alive and well at my local club. 

Three cases in the last six weeks.

Auction 2NT- 3NT. Dummy lays down a 6 count with four spades and worthless doubleton. It makes exactly three. Makes at least four spades in the 4-4 spades fit.

I ask my opponent "Why didn't you bid Stayman?" Reply "I didn't have eight points."


 Move forward three weeks. I open 2 and rebid 2NT. Partner bids 3NT. He lays down a 5 count with 4-4 in the majors.

Fortunately we do not have a major suit fit. After the hand I asked partner why no Stayman. Again "I didn't have eight points"


Yesterday, 2NT-3NT. Dummy lays down 7 HCP and 4-4-4-1 distribution. After the hand is over, I ask my opponent the familiar question.

This time I get an indignant response "You have to have eight points to bid Stayman." 

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