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The Hand That Made 8 Illegal

I was playing on the last board in a virtual ACBL club game last night. I got a hand that looked something like this

- Q8 AQJT96532 86

I may change this to the right hand after I look it up, I've approximated the spots, 

My RHO opened 1 and I immediately bid 5. I was left to play 5X-1. Of course my LHO has the K and there's nothing much I can do about down one.

So, I finished playing the hand and went to kibitz. Opponents are cold for 7. The table that I was kibitzing only bid 6.


My question for the gang is this "Have you ever had a hand where an 8-level sacrifice would have been profitable?


Edit 2020-06-30 06:47UTC: Getting opponents right

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