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The Hook

So one of our active, talented and non-prehistoric players in the Twin City area put together a major effort (food, advertising, meaningful scholarship $$) to attract U of MN students to learn bridge.

It failed. 8 faculty members appeared - but only 2 students.

After my friend wrote a sad email, quite down in the dumps after all the preparation and the poor showing, I had a thought. What if Bridgewinner readers shared their thoughts and experiences as to what got them attracted to bridge - and what kept them going.

Since we are aiming at younger people, especially appreciate hearing from the younger among us - as they likely have a better concept of what would capture the attention of today's youth. Still, since bridge is a game we can play from 8 to 89, I'd appreciate anyone who feels like it telling us their experiences.... and what they think might work today.Thanks for helping to keep our game growing! 

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