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The Idea of the IDM Bridge Fairness Club

We all see from the scandals, that the infection of top bridge field is very serious.

Parallel with the weapons, that we have to fight against cheaters, I would like to introduce an idea with 2 very important target:

1. We can show how to behave at the bridge tables in order to play fair bridge with some important rules

2. We can make feel inconvenient the people who want to have illegal advantages at the bridge tables wilfully.


I would like to ask you all to support this target with all your assets if you agree with it's content.

I also would like to ask you to help us with your constructive ideas to raise the influence of this club as high as possible.


The idea of the IDM Fairness Club


Those players, who take part in many big tournaments, can often recognize, that some players are saying with hesitation time, their body language or other activity tells, what kind of hand they have. We also have some times the feeling, that some players are doing it with instinct.

To change this inconvenient situation, I have the following idea: Let’s establish a club, where the members are expressing - wearing a leader or in any other form - that they want to be fair in critical situations, and they support the idea of the club, that we would like to clean the bridge tournaments from major incorrect behaviors.

The policy of the IDM Fairness Club:The members of the Club would like to express their feelings about unfair behavior at bridge tournament tables.

The members of the IDM Club are players who assume, that they try to play as clean as possible, they support this case and they generally follow these requirements:

  • I don’t move as far as partner thinks in a difficult problem
  • I don’t give information with hesitating in obvious situations, like 1-2
  • I don’t bid, give card or bidding card obviously different way as normally
  • I don’t give information intentionally by hesitation, especially not behind screen
  • I don’t give illegal information by noise behind screen
  • I don’t ask unnecessary questions to give information for partner
  • I am proud to wear the leader of IDM Fairness Club when I think it is useful for the case


The IDM Club doesn’t ask his members to fulfill these requirements in 100 %, it is most probably impossible. We only ask our members to agree and follow these „rules”.

The IDM Club obviously open for anyone, who agrees with the idea, but we are clear with the fact, that it is difficult to follow well these rules below master level. Anyway, we would like to say thanks to anybody, who is ready to do anything to increase the clearness of our beautiful game!




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