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The Keller Convention in Action. You be the judge.

My partner has moved away for the winter, and I have been playing with a new lady. She is an excellent player, but is known to tell it like it is, and not let partner off the hook when a mistake is made. I felt she was an excellent candidate for the Keller convention, and insisted that we play it.

Things were going along smoothly until we came to board sixteen. Lefty (West) opened one no trump (15-17) Partner (North) bid two clubs showing a one suited hand (diamonds as it happened). She was playing Cappelletti, the convention that was written on our cards, which I had agreed to play in return for her playing Keller. I forgot and thought we were playing DONT, the convention I play on BBO and with my regular partner. These things happen. That is why you have the Keller convention.

East passed, and I was looking at

I alerted. I was going to tell them clubs and a major, but no one asked. My bid was clear. I passed. West looking at Ace King sixth of clubs (she opened one of those funny no trumps and look what happened) decided to pass before partner escaped to her real suit. Partner, who was void in clubs, played the hand very well. She finessed through the no trump bidder, ruffed spades in the dummy, the opponents didn't pull trump, and she ended up endplaying West for down two.

She didn't say a word. Not a raised eyebrow, not a sigh. She just scored up the board and we went on to the next round. The Keller convention executed to perfection. We proceeded to have a great game; we ended up with 67%. Four rounds later, on the last board, partner was playing the hand when the director came to our table carrying a score slip. It was board 16. The player with six clubs to the Ace King was questioning the scoring since clubs was listed as being played North South. My partner assured the director the board was scored correctly. The director asked, how could this happen? My partner told the director, and the rest of the room (it was a fairly small room) "NUMB NUTS OVER THERE PASSED MY CAPPELLETTI TWO CLUB BID"

Her diagnosis was correct. I am eighty three years old, and this is a common medical condition among men my age. My feet also tingle, and my hands are often numb. I am a diabetic, and my circulation, along with my hearing and my eyesight, isn't what it used to be.

In the discussion that followed she claimed she had not violated the Keller convention for the following reasons:

1. The Statute of Limitations had run. It was four rounds later and we were on the last board, and I was dummy.

2. The discussion was not with me, it was with the director, and discussions with the director are privileged and an exception to the Keller convention.

3. Medical diagnosis and opinions are privileged communications under the doctor-patientexception to the Keller convention.

I felt it was a clear violation of the Keller conventon, not to mention the Americans with Disabilities Act. You be the judge. Was partner guilty of violating the Keller convention?

P.S. Since this incident we play a new convention: The Geneva Convention. You can never say anything except your name, rank, and ACBL number, no matter how much your partner tortures you.

Not guilty. The stature of limitations had run
Not gulty. Discussion was with the Director and exempt from the Keller convention.
Not guilty Mentor Mentee exception to the Keller Convention
Guilty but leniency because of extreme provocation. Come on, you passed the two club bid NN.
Guilty, hands like these are what the Keller convention was designed for.
Not guilty. Disussions of violations of Burn's first law are exceptions to the Keller convention.

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