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The last swing hand from the round of 8, Monaco vs Assael

Do you overcall 2 when RHO opens 1 with this hand, everyone is vulnerable?

Most of us would overcall 2, Tokay did not and the auction continued 1 Pass 2. He passed again and defended for -90. Good or bad result?

After the 2 overcall at the other table, the opponents got to 4


Do you want to play or defend? Click the URL below to see all the results for the last segment; this is board 29. Monaco was down by 5 imps and I was thinking they would be back in the lead after 4 went down. Then I looked again


Beautifully played by Piekarek. He got a diamond lead. Won the ace and played a club to the king to get that trick in and then A, ruff a and cross ruff.

What an exciting finish!

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