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The Major Alt - World Class Bridge all week

This week the Major Alt is played Monday to Friday on BBO. The field surpasses all our expectations.32 world-class teams plus four specially invited teams (among them a transnational junior team). And they are all here: Meckwell, Helgeness, Zia. Too many to name. 22 countries are represented and the number of world titles in total is well above three digits.

The best comparison I can think of is day 2 of the Spingold. Only regret is that the time difference makes it difficult for Asian teams to participate.

The Major Alt is a privately organized event which strives to provide top-level bridge events not only for the participants, but also for bridge fans all over the world. For this reason we have chosen to allow kibitzers. We strongly encourage all players not to be tempted to take advantage of the show. As many of you may have seen elsewhere on this site, an anti-cheating committee has also been formed to provide the players with the possibility to report suspected irregularities. We are a private organization and the consequences may only be that players are not reinvited to future events, but this is our way of signaling that we expect our participants to follow the rules in online bridge.

The format is a Swissfollowed by knockouts.

Monday June 22 - Wednesday June 24

10:00 EDT / 16:00 CET – Swiss Round 1

12:30 EDT / 18:30 CET – Swiss Round 2

15:00 EDT / 21:00 CET – Swiss Round 3

Thursday June 25:

10:00 EDT / 16:00 CET – Swiss (last round)

14:00 EDT / 20:00 CET – Quarterfinal (28 boards, 2 x 14)

Friday June 26:

10:00 EDT / 16:00 CET – Semifinal (28 boards, 2 x 14)

14:30 EDT / 20:30 CET – Final (32 boards, 2 x 16)

Today we have published the Pre-Bulletin. For new Alt-followers, the bulletin not only reports results and bridge hands, we also have daily interviews with the players.

In today's bulletin Sjoert Brink is Victim of the Day (also of the week it appears) and we have a Major Alt special edition of "What's in a Name". You will also find all players with theirBBOalias, the Conditions of Contest, and highlights from the previous Alt Invitational. All results from all tables including Butler is available directly after the last board in a round is finished on

We hope you will all enjoy the show!

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