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The Missing Years

Florentin Axinte recently published an article about his software that can perform queries on records of play for many top-level matches


The source data comes from here:

You can see that many modern events are covered; the opening page of that site says:

View the boards played in

- The Bermuda Bowl

- Spingold Knockout Teams

- Vanderbilt Knockout Teams

- U.S. International Team Trials/United States Bridge Championship

- Olympiad- Dutch teams

- The European championships

Other tournaments like Forbo and Cap Gemini and others are listed in the tournaments menu on the submenu other tournaments


For those who like to examine subsets of hands, Florentin's program is very useful. Example:

While writing my book about the Blue Team, I wanted to examine every world championship finals deal where Avarelli and Belladonna opened 2m while playing Roman Club (4441 or 5440, 1957-1969). At the time, I had to leaf through every WC Official Handbook. Boring!

Florentin's program presents the full deals with bidding toot sweet. Many hours saved.


There is, however, one problem...  the database is missing years of events, especially from the old days. Looking at the Blue Team world championships prior to the introduction of screens, here is what is online (and in Florentin's database):

Bermuda Bowls: 1957, 1959, 1962, 1967, 1973, 1974

Olympiads: (no records)


I think this is a sad state of affairs. Is there a solution? Maybe.

Nicolas Hammond:

It would be nice if we can find some volunteers to take the data from old World Championship and equivalent books and put in a LIN format or equivalent. The Vugraph Project - see has put some of these events in readable format but there are still many missing.

I have a database of 11,000,000+ records that I use for cheating detection; also in an SQL database, the analysis of data from older tournaments has been interesting when compared to the modern tournaments.

Kudos for Florentin for collating the data.


So, there is way... some sort of data entry program, and some helpful volunteers. I have no further useful thoughts; only what Reese described as "confused reflections"


Is this task practicable? Does anyone have any ideas?

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