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The never never land

I like to battle the robots, especially in order to exercise my declarer play against (sometimes) great defense. Never mind the occasional hick-ups in the bidding, you could expect that the robot will do what it was programmed to do. In no case you wont expect it to behave like the one who was taken in by the KGB, beat-up for three days and asked: "Do you have now any political beliefs?". "Yes I have, said the man, but I don't agree with them".


Let's try to think/bid like the robots. You hold:  AKQJ10xxx 9xx x . You are a Robot and are the dealer, MP's, all vulnerable. Your bid. For the sake of the people unused to robots, the system is a basic 2/1.


An interesting discussion will follow down the road.

1 Heart.
2 Hearts.
3 Hearts.
3NT (gambling, no outsides).
4 Hearts.
Anything else.

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