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the out of town game

You are out of town, visiting a friend from school. Your friend insists that you play at the local duplicate. It's a good friend, so off you go.  Your friend is not a strong player and has agreed to play: weak twos, transfers, and negative doubles when they remember.  You are pleasantly surprised to find a 9 table game.  You are not surprised that the vast majority of players appear to be people on social security and their parents.


The first hand is without incident.  On the second hand, partner attempts an insufficiency.  Your RHO (not your LHO) says "pick it up and make any legal call"

What is RHO?



Please select up to 8 choices.

A good sport
A nice guy
Good for the game of bridge
Not a fierce competitor
A scofflaw
Jack the Ripper
other, please comment

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