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“The philosopher and historian George Santayana once remarked that those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat its mistakes."

Technology Committee.

I am hopeful for sake of bridge that we soon get our problems in this area solved.  I know there are good people on the committee. However, I do have strong opinions on the need for truly independent review where there is a major issue. Certainly, the Embezzlement Scandal had a huge need for an independent review. The the lack of an independent review may have kept people in their roles when perhaps they should have been replaced.

Someone suggested that I post the articles that I wrote about 20 years ago on this subject here as a history lesson.


The Christy Jones Affair.

COI Newsletter for Ocober 1994, March 1995 July July 1995


Ocober 1994 the red paper made the scan very poor. I will see if i can get a better copy if there is any interest.
     March 1995 July 1995


The report was never made public and the bridge membership could not dertemine 

whoelse should have been removed beyond Christy Jones.



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