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The statement of the President of PBU considering B-Z "disinvitation"


In short words:

1. The first info about accusations against B-Z got to Mr Kielbasinski on Friday's evening.

2. He landed in Chennai on Saturday, 23 PM local time. Only then he was informed about CC decision.

3. On Sunday, 10 AM, Mr Kielbasinski has met with the President of WBF and asked for an explanation of CC ruling. He was stonewalled.


There are two attachements in the statement (written in English). First, the letter from Mr Yves Aubry, the Chairman of CC, to the President of PBU, with information about CC decision. Second, the letter from PBU to Mr Gianarrigo Rona, asking for explanation of CC decision.


The statement answers several questions - and produce some others. I'm glad that the President of PBU decided to put some light into the darkness. A step in the right direction. I hope WBF will follow PBU's lead. But I'm not holding my breath.

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