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The Trials and Tribulations of an NLM with a B.A. in English and French

I am the owner of 250 "piggly wiggly" points. Fifty percent of said points are gold and platinum. I expect these numbers will continue to accurately describe my status come the NYC regional in May or perhaps even the summer NABC in Chicago.

I have also accumulated 6 Blue Ribbon Qs along the way. In two appearances in said event, I managed to qualify for the second day both times. (Here’s hoping the third day won’t elude me for a third time in Denver).

I have also played in the Victor Mitchell Pro-Am in NYC, as a Pro. The popular event guarantees Ams a “Life Master or Better.” Short of Pros, the organizers wanted to know if I was available. “I would be happy to, but I am not a life master yet,” I told them. “You are better than a life master,” I was told. A nice compliment, but unfortunately this does not change my eligibility for national LM pair events.

I am fairly certain I will be eligible for the Platinum before I am eligible for the Von Zedtwitz or Nail. Twenty platinum seems more attainable than 50 silver and another 200 (insert any color here).

And so, you can find me on the sidelines, kibitzing the most compassionate LMs. I have had the pleasure of watching Kranyak-Demuy, Glubok-Hamman, and Kamil-Zia (to name a few) play in events I am not eligible for. In so doing, I learned a little about Precision, what a “mothy” dummy looks like, and how Zia takes his coffee. Perhaps playing in these events is not as fun as watching other people play in them anyway…

My trials and tribulations regarding my NLM status remind me of my path to two majors during my undergraduate education. After transferring universities, the school I transferred to would not allow me (an English major with advanced English classes on my transcript) enroll in any English classes because I had never taken Freshman English (I had been exempt). I proceeded to enroll in French Literary Theory, FRE242, the most difficult French course offered as I could not enroll in Literary Theory in my native language. That is how I ended up with not one, but two useless majors. (At least the 4.0 in Freshman English helped the magna cum laude cause)

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