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The View from a No-Name Player

Yes, this is another post on you know what from the Final Session of the Blue Ribbon in Honolulu.

Part I, a December 9 post from yours truly. 

Part II, an Afterword of sorts.


Part I:

“In a sense, all of this in the long run is a great deal of ado about very little. Clearly, quite of a few of the top finishers in this event have the wherewithal to finish with the highest percentage after playing a mere 156 boards.

Most of these top finishers have super records and rate to continue to do quite well. At the end of the day, their bridge resumes (or their pocketbooks or bragging rights) will really not be affected by this one particular event.

It does seem for many, on balance, that Levin-Grue got lucky on this one. Yet for them and others, the luck will eventually even out.

It might indeed be magnanimously gracious for Levin-Grue to “repeal” their win, but that would not be good for bridge in the “total scheme of things.”

I so wrote well aware that we will soon end up with a couple of thousand comments from a few hundred players (including myself) on half-a-dozen posts/threads (And, as I understand it, there may be more reviews in the works.) So, yes, it is a big deal at the moment as well as intriguing as a good bridge deal.

My final point is, like it or not, the laws of bridge, apparently, are deemed the ultimate authority – not etiquette or ethics. If so, bridge (in this instance) may or may not mirror life.Dec. 9"


Part II:

This episode, at least in ACBL bridge circles, will win an award as the “2018 Deal of the Year.”

Is is the “Mother of All Issues” ? Could we ask for more? ☺The end result may still yet to be written.

I wonder how it might be treated in bridge history.

Near-term, the ACBL will (editorially) report on it in either the January or February issues of the Bulletin.

Undoubtedly, it will be sanitized for the gentle reader. But, to what extent?

I hope other publications, particularly The Bridge World, will elect to comment in depth, editorially or by a staff member.

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