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The Worst Agreements in Bridge

I posted a bidding poll the other day that featured a problem where you had a totally crappy hand, your LHO bids 1NT, and your partner doubles for penalty. It's passed around to you, and you have to decide what to bid. Your hand is 4135, and you play systems on if you pull the penalty double, so that 2 is Stayman, etc. A very good player commented: "Playing systems on in that situation is one of the worst agreements in bridge." A number of people agreed, and good explanations were given as to why it was a bad agreement. (I'd been somewhat agnostic on playing systems on or off up to that point, agreeing to play whatever my partners wanted to play, but now I'm becoming convinced that it's a bad idea to play systems on.)

So, that got me to thinking about the agreements I feel very strongly about. There are two that come to mind: one is playing a new suit as non-forcing after your partner preempts, and another is odd-even discards (sorry Larry). I suspect I'll have more people agreeing with me on the first rather than the second.

What agreements do you absolutely refuse to play, and why?

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