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The Worst Convention Ever

I start most of my days by playing BBO and tread milling at the same time. Often I've got Steve Beatty or Mark Lair as my early am partner, so it's a joy and I don't even notice that I am actually working out.

But this morning, I got a lesser partner and on board one he led MUD (the 8 from 983). What a terrible way to start the day! And of course I could not count out the hand early enough to find the killing defense.

From an information theoretic point of view, MUD is a disaster. At trick one, the time of maximal uncertainty, one needs a lead that cuts down uncertainty, which either the 9 from 983 will do (honor unlikely) or the lead of the 3 will do (third from odd). The 8, however....

So my nomination for the worst convention still played (strong two's have thankfully disappeared from the planet) is MUD.

What do you think the worst convention still played is and why?

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