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At the table yesterday on Common Game deal four I thought my opponent had done something bizarre...but in retrospect I wonder.

You hold:





Unopposed you bid 1-2-2-3. 2/1 and 3 promises at least some slam interest.

What now?

You choose to bid 5 exclusion Keycard, and get a response of 5 -- your partnership foolishly plays that as one keycard.

You bid...

6 of course and this dummy goes down.

No you don't bid 6; you bid 5 asking for the trump queen, knowing you wont find it and can sign off in 6.

Why does that matter -- well ask yourself what you would lead with eg


Wouldn't you 'know' no ace was missing and lead a spade to try to set a trick in suit up before it went on the clubs?

As it happened partner dummy was about to put down Kxxxx of clubs and a singleton spade, so the only way to beat the slam was a club ruff...but alas the hand on lead (my partner) had A10xx and gave me the ruff.

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