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Third-suit bids

Section IV.I of the 2017 Bridge World Standard contains the following:

After a one-level suit response and opener's simple same-suit rebid:

  • (a) a third-suit bid that is a reverse or a three-level bid is forcing to game;
  • (b) a third-suit non-reverse at the two-level is forcing for one round, and responder may pass if opener bids two of responder's first suit or three of opener's suit; (...)

I'd like to hear from those who follow these conventions whether, in their agreement, the third-suit bid is natural or artificial. For the purposes of this poll, let's consider only the bidding sequences in (b). There are four such sequences:

  1. 1 - 1M - 2 - 2
  2. 1 - 1 - 2 - 2
  3. 1 - 1 - 2 - 2

If you follow the BWS convention described above, in your (explicit or implicit) partnership agreement is responder's third-suit bid natural or artificial? By natural I mean that the bid promises 4+ cards in the suit, while artificial means that the bid makes no such promise. If you have different agreements with different partners, please mention that in the comments or answer according to your preferred agreement. If your answer is the second in the list below, please explain in the comments section in which cases responder's rebid is natural and in which cases it is artificial. Thanks!

In our agreement, responder's third-suit bid is always natural.
Our agreement is that responder's third-suit bid is natural in certain specified cases, while it is artificial (i.e. does not necessarily promise 4 cards) in others.
In our agreement responder's third-suit bid is always artificial (i.e. it never promises 4 cards in the suit).
Other (please explain in a comment).

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