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this has to stop.

I am writing to ask anyone out there who can assist and take the lead on the acbl with this issue. I am completely fed up with "wires" in these major pair and BAM events. Not one single event goes by where I feel that I have not been cheated on a least one or two boards. The bridge community has done such a great job bringing light to the cheating pairs in bridge but has done nothing to make the major pair and BAM events "clean". (Ed note: Specific example from Honolulu deleted as the opponents can be determined from the information.)

This just has to stop. I have simply seen enough!! It is especially bad in events such as the Reisinger and the BAM where there is so much at stake that it becomes even worse. My suggestion, is a very simple and cost-effective one. Let's make a convention card where the outside is the same but the score boxes on the outside are half as big so people have to write smaller. No matter how much I try people will never keep their score cards closed so lets do something that I believe will at least stop 75 percent of the wires. We could also put the board numbers inside the score card in random order as well. PRinting these cards for only the BAM events and the four MAJOR pair events would not cost the ACBL much at all. I am desperately asking for someone to take the lead on this with the ACBL and get this done. I would do it myself but I simply am to busy right now. I have complained to the head directors with no success and everyone shot me down the last time I posted this a few years back.

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