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Three Player Bridge

On episode 11 of The Setting Trick Amaresh Deshpande told me about three handed bridge. The dummy is dealt face up and players, beginning with the dealer, bid for the right to play the dummy.

At the San Francisco NABC, Boye Brogeland told me about an improved version. One card from the dummy is dealt face up and the remaining 12 cards are divided up so that each player gerts to look at four of them. In turn the HCP for the four cards are announced and the dummy is divided into suits so that before bidding commences everyone knows the exact shape and hcp of the dummy and five of the dummy's cards.

This is a great way to introduce and play bridge with beginners and seemingly easier to teach them bidding and the game because I am playing alongside of them and the auction is rather uncomplicated.

Last night I played with two friends who are interested in bridge and this was our third time getting together to play. Eventually, I want to introduce them to duplicate. We also played with the following variations. Traditional rubber bridge scoring, ie. you must make a game to be vulnernable. Also, I allowed them the benefit of auction bridge scoring, whereas I played by contract bridge rules. If they had a leg on game, they were entitled to it, while I did not.

We play that the dealer gets to bid first and if one opp doubles both opponents are subject to the benefit or effect of the double. I could see variations on this, ie. only the player doubling is subject to or benefits from the double or the other player can choose.

What other forms of the game have you played?

I recently learned that double dummy, was a form of whist that led to bridge. They used to play two person whist with two dummys, hence, double dummy. My understanding is that people liked the concept of the dummy so much that they decided to keep it!

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