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Three years

According to the following article, the FIGB could not ban F+N from bridge for more than three years because of regulations imposed by the Italian Olympic Committee. 

Few quick questions / comments

  1. Does the ACBL view multiple instances of cheating by a single pair to be a first offense?
  2. Does the ACBL consider itself bound by any similar regulations?
  3. Should the ACBL consider severing bonds between itself and the Olympics in order to maintain flexibility wrt sentencing?

I have long been opposed to efforts to recognize Bridge as an Olympic sport.

  • I think that its a waste of time and effort
  • I don't think that you can reconcile the ideals of the Olympics with pro-client relationships
  • I find the practicalities of the Olympics (i.e. rampant bribery) sufficiently seedy that I have no wish to be involved with it
  • Drug testing is going to open a never ending world of suck

I am hopeful that this latest round of idiocy might prove sufficieint to put a stake in the heart of Olympic Bridge once and for all...


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