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Thx for cheats, EBL!

Dear friends in EBL!


Thx a lot we don't have KO in Zone1, so European teams (especially ones can't travel to Nationals) don't have enough KO practice for BB. And especially thx for the funny (only RR) format where you can be Champion - if you beat not your rivals but weaker teams heavily. Do we call it sport? 

7 years ago EBL made a step forward - at least 'elite RR' after 1 weak. As I've heard, in Budapest they will switch back to original, so-called 'democratic' form. Is it strange many cheats in Europe? I doubt it. All we know the easiest way to cheat against weaker teams: they think only 'oh, great maestros solved it, its a life.' And of course that matches weren't broadcasted. (Italy with Fantunes scored average 22 VPs in lower end of the field.)

Gentlemen, you did it!

Grazie a tutti!

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