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Time To Do Away With the Books

The book defenses are a crutch that don't do anything but slow the game and create confusion. Danny and I play multi in the few events where it is allowed. It's impossible to overstate how damaging the books are to the defenders. Here are some examples:

2* - 2NT - P 3NT   The 3NT bidder had a 6 count. The book said bid as if partner opened 2NT and they did!

2* - ? This hand held AKJxxxxx, Kx, x, Qx and doubled because they didn't see this hand in the book. We were accused of playing multi just to confuse the opponents (by a national director who was playing)

2 - ? A top expert poured over the book and had no insight on how to handle a strong two suiter

2 - P - P - 2, P  3    Since the defenses carried over to another page the player missed that 3 should be natural and 3 the cue bid. We were criticized because we didn't point out the player should go to the next page. We weren't reading over her shoulder!

In one hilarious situation a player took my partner away from the table and showed her their hand because there was no appropriate bid in the book. They were asking what to bid!

I can't make these up. These are just a few of the many situations that would have been better handled by using common sense or meta agreements rather than the books.   

One player who accused us of trying to confuse things didn't understand my suggestion that they come to the table with an agreed defense rather than relying on the books. Imagine if we handed out books for Flannery and Michaels defenses when they were first played? Would we still be using them now?

We hear that multi slows the game and thus should not be used in pair events. IMO the books slow the game. There doesn't seem to be any problem playing multi in Europe without the books.

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