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Time to Relax with Humor - You Know You’re a Redneck Bridge Player

You Know You’re a Redneck Bridge Player


When your basic approach is Get-R-Done.

When all of your conventions are named for NASCAR drivers.

When your table is always stationary, and the club puts it outside.

When it’s your turn to bring the treats, you bring Ripple, Annie Green Springs, Spam, and Goobers.

When you’re playing 6♠ in your 3-1 fit.

When your partner passes your cue bid.

When you forget how many fingers to hold up when partner uses Blackwood.

When at games, your pick-up keeps getting towed because everyone thinks it’s an abandoned vehicle.

When you play bridge using a Pinochle deck with 4 Jokers.

When you bring your own jug and don’t need a glass.

When you dress up for bridge night wearing your polyester leisure suit and platform shoes.

When your chair has it’s own gun-rack.

When counting points is easy because you ain’t wearing any shoes.

When the pick-up partner you’re given always looks like a member of the Addams Family.

When the director who comes to your table acts like a Revenooer.

When Gatlinburg has the Governor call out the National Guard when they hear you’re coming to their Regional again.


This is probably the last group that we can make fun of without being politically incorrect.

Feel free to add any you can think of.


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