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Time to simplify the laws?

We see lots of threads regarding infractions and in particular UI issues.

David Yates has argued very cogently that once an infraction occurs we are in the realms of 'not-Bridge'.


The recent law changes were once again focused on achieving 'bridge results' after an infraction; putting a lot of pressure onto directors, particularly if split results have to be calculated.

We all know that LAs vary depending upon the pool of players being polled, so are not a reliable way of achieving a 'bridge result'.

Adjustments following a revoke can occasionally result in an unjustified top for the non-offending side.


So I am going to suggest a zero-tolerance approach to infractions.

Following any infraction, play ceases. The offending side score 0% for the hand, the non-offending side get Avg+ (or session average if higher).

Hesitating will be deemed to be an infraction. That's it, simple.


Note that the aim is NOT to penalise anyone; it is to deter.


If nothing else it will speed up play and make players concentrate more;  however, I think it could actually be fairer too.  It doesn't matter who the TD is, its so simple anyone can do it.




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