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To Show or Not To Show?

At country clubs, local duplicate games, and on cruises/seminars where I teach and run games, there is an ongoing debate.

Should the Bridgemates show the scores/results from other tables after each board? This is akin to the pre-computer days, where by necessity there was a travelling scoresheet for all to see.

Here are the main pros and cons for showing the results, but I’d be interested in hearing more:


  • The players like to know--instantly—while they can still remember the deal. Part of the fun of duplicate is to see “what the others did.” Most club players don’t look at the board-by-board results after the session and can’t easily remember what happened by then (even with hand records).


  • Slows down the game.
  • Causes bad feelings (like when N-S high-five each other when they see 100%).
  • Causes silly postmortems (“look Marge, they made 5 at all the other tables.”)
  • Causes discussion which can be overheard at other tables.
  • Knowing how you are doing increases the likelihood of shooting (or apathy) later in the session.

There are lots of “cons,” but still, I get requests/complaints when we turn off the “show results” feature.

You can’t make everyone happy, but I’d be interested in hearing BW opinions and comments. While most readers here are way above the club-game level, try to have an open mind…

At a local duplicate game, after each board, should theBridgematesbe set to show:

No results at all
Just the percentage result N-S and E-W
All the results/scores/contracts from every other table and the percentage

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