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Todd is CNTC A Winners

The team of Bob Todd, Doug Fisher, Brad Bart, Neil Kimmelman, Danny Miles and Steve Mackay beat the team of Nick L'Ecuyer, Kamel Fergani, Nicholas Gartaganis, Judith Gartaganis, Fred Pollack and Zygmunt Marcinski by coming from behind in the 8th segment for a 2 IMP win. They are now the Canadian Team Champions. 

With 4 hands to go, the Todd team was behind by 25 IMPS, but Todd and Fisher bid a very good 7S and then Neil Kimmelman and Brad Bart bid a makeable 6H that Neil brought home to erase the deficit and go ahead by 1 with 2 boards to go. The 2nd last board was very close as Neil and Bob got to a poor 2C that went down 1, while Kamel and Fred played in 1N, that had chances. But when that went down 1 as well, the last chance was gone for the L'Ecuyer team. 

The 7S hand was as follows

Bob Todd held AQJx KQxxx xxx x and Doug Fisher held KTxx AJx Axx AQx. When they found their Spade fit and Bob showed shortness in Clubs, knowing they were down in the match, they bid 7 and made it when both majors behaved. 

Congratulations to the new winners, who will now compete with the team from Mexico for the worlds. 

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