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Too much information?

The auction goes

P - P - 1M - P - P*

The last pass is alerted, and the explanation is that it could be up to a bad 9 count, with or without a fit.  This is in a strong club context where 1M is limited to 15.

After the game, an expert player wondered about the ethics of giving this alert.  His point was that this information should have no impact on the action of the person in balancing seat (if you're not worried about coming in against possibly 20+5 in standard, you shouldn't be worried about coming in against possibly 15+9 in strong club), but if the person in balancing seat wasn't used to playing against strong club, the extra information might cause them to pass when they should have balanced.

In other words, the alert can't help the opponents and might cause them to hurt themselves, so it shouldn't be made.

Comments on this opinion?  Does it depend on the level of the opponents?

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